Friday, April 27, 2012

Novel goes international in first 48 hours.

What a ride!

The launch of Above Reproach on this past Wednesday took me by surprise. While I had originally planned for an April 15th launch date, there were some technical issues with the publisher that came up at the last minute.

As a result, the book was submitted for distribution on the 17th of April, and Amazon was one of the last retailers to confirm delivery. Once a book has been delivered, it has to be classified and categorized and some other technical voodoo performed.

I figured we'd go live around the first week of May, give or take. So when I got a call informing me that we were on and for sale on Wednesday, I kind of had to scramble a bit.

Good news is that we've sold copies to gun-owners in New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Canada, the UK, Peru and Mexico. A reader in Australia writes me that he is putting it on his club's "must read" list and tells his mates that it is a "blueprint for what we need to lobby the government for because the scenario in Above Reproach could happen in Australia as easily as it happened in the United States--only with a totally different outcome."

Still to come will be distribution to Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardners and Apple's iBookstore via iTunes.

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  1. What a wonderful read that was over the last three days. Gives one hope that maybe just maybe there are enough of us left in this country that believe in the freedoms so many have died to give us.
    A heartfelt thank you sir!