Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ben Wallace. A writer that is FUN to read.

(Note: Post Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors is free today in celebration of its one-year anniversary. You're crazy if you don't have it and don't download it. The only excuse for not doing so is if you can't read. . . and if that's the case, why are you reading this?)

Writing is a funny thing. Some writers try to be funny and other writers are funny.

Other writers are just good, which means you enjoy reading their books and you feel GOOD when you're done.

Benjamin Wallace falls into that category. Big time.

I'm sure he's sick of hearing it and thinks I'm an egotistical butthead, but I won the lottery back in Dallas around 1999. I won it by being the only creative director in all of advertising agency land to snatch this guy up before anyone else could.

There was a drive and a passion for not only the written word, but for IDEAS, for engaging the reader with those words and not feel like you, the reader, just wasted your time reading or listening to an ad.

I remember the e-mail and the phone call a year ago. "First book, published, buy it, please," Ben told me.

"I don't have a Kindle," I replied. I used to be pretty old fashioned a year ago, and I reminded Ben of that as I got up to manually change the channels on my portable black & white television--the one with the built-in rabbit ears.

"You can download the app," he explained.

The what?

I chewed that one over after hanging up my rotary dial telephone and decided I might need to start checking out the 21st century.

Well, here we are a year later. This past February, I bought a Kindle and Ben's first book was the first download I put on it. To date, this is the most FUN book I have read--bar none.

I'm supposed to be a writer myself. I even have a book out and two more in the can, but I'm having a difficult time really finding the appropriate words to describe Post Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors.

I keep coming back to that word "fun." I'd find myself chuckling out loud, getting up for another Coke and having a grin on my face. I just felt good while reading the book. It's not dark, it's not gloomy, it's not silly (don't let the description fool you into thinking this is slapstick fiction; it's not). It's just straight ahead GOOD writing that tells a fun story with fun characters with some fun twists.

Celebrate Ben's one-year anniversary as a published author. Download his book and start remembering how when reading used to be fun.

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