Friday, June 15, 2012

Time to start getting serious, I reckon.

I've been neglecting this website as I've worked towards the publishing, launch and selling of my first book, Above Reproach.

In fact, I've been neglecting myself, friends and family as well. I'm a bit of a recluse even on my best days--and that affliction grows worse with each passing year. My problem is that my tolerance level for idiots, socialists and liberals (redundant) diminishes seemingly with each passing day.

As I've told folks before, when 9/11 occurred, I drew a line in the sand even before George W Bush proclaimed, "You're either with us or with the terrorists."

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, I poured concrete in that line in the sand. I have no use for those with entitlement mentalities. I have no use for those who fear honest work, even if it happens to be hard or dangerous or uncomfortable. I have no use for those who are more concerned with the color of one's skin than they are the content of one's character. I have no use for those who believe in enslaving the achievers and taxing them in a draconian faction so that the under-achievers or non-achievers or welfare class can "feel good about themselves."

I believe in self-determination and self-reliance. I do not believe in a nanny government wiping our nose at every step of the way. I believe in protecting my family, my neighbors and friends and my fellow citizens. The police exist to take out the trash, so to speak, when law-abiding citizens rightfully defend themselves and what is theirs against the career criminal element who for generations has grown accustomed to simply taking, by force, whatever they wish.

I do not believe in apologizing for success, nor apologizing for accomplishment, skill or talent. In my book, the primary character, Dillon Cole, did quite well for himself in the advertising industry. I had a reader take me to the woodshed--or at least, attempted to--for Dillon's success. I wrote the reader back and asked how long they'd been a Democrat.

The characters in Above Reproach, are successful because they busted their humps. They represent rugged individualism and self-reliance. They are men and women of passion and action.

I read to escape. I read for enjoyment. I read to learn, to fantasize, to explore.

Same thing about movies. Laurence Olivier was undeniably an other-worldly talent--but I still enjoyed Animal House and The Outlaw Josey Wales over most anything Olivier did. I recognize the greatness of Hemingway and Dickens, but I still enjoy reading Vince Flynn and Matt Bracken far more.

I can appreciate a five-star restaurant that charges $75 for some goose guts and fish eggs next to their gourmet filet, but I far much prefer a $15 piece of awesome smoked prime rib from my local steakhouse.

That's pretty much who and what I am. Nothing any more special than anyone else; just someone who has an overactive imagination who has been blessed with the ability to transfer some of that imagination into the written word.

From time to time I'll highlight some of my favorite writers and/or friends who also write and have had their works published. Different genres, but similar attitudes.

Let the neglect end and the journey begin.


  1. I just finished reading your new book - and it was one of those you just could not put down. Great work! Good to hear a little more about you and I'm glad to know what you stand for. I'm hoping you will have another book coming out soon! Thanks for sharing a dream of what America should be like!

  2. Mr. Kinman, I just bought your book yesterday and finished it today. It was a good bit of reading and I hope we see more of the characters.

    1. Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      My apologies for not minding this blog as much as I should. Time management is not one of my better skills.

      Next book, False Gods is in the works and I just teased a few opening lines from it in a post today.