Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funny thing about Obama's remarks about business. . .

First off, I am not a fan of Barack Obama.

In fact, given the opportunity, I choose to refer to him simply as Obama (or other less flattering terms) rather than prefacing his name with "president."

In regards to his latest remarks about "You didn't build your business," I'll use the moniker "idiot" to describe him.

For some reason, the Idiot seems to think that Big Government should get most of the credit. After all, the Idiot insists, Big Gov built the roads and bridges that brought commerce to our doorsteps. Big Gov, led by Al Gore, invented the internet. Etc etc.

As I said, Obama is an idiot.

What the Idiot doesn't seem to grasp is that the funding for those roads and bridges and other things that Big Gov perpetually overspends and underperforms on comes from the private sector--also known as private enterprise.

Ranches and farms were prospering in frontier times long before there were roads and bridges. The railroads were built by. . . well, the railroad companies. There was huge commerce in California during the gold rush years and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Interstate 40 had been built for all the covered wagons to travel on across the country heading westward.

The bottom line is that we are responsible for our successes and failures. The problem is, Big Gov is making it harder and harder to succeed. Taxes, licenses, permits, ordinances, fees, regulations, hiring laws, draconian environmental laws. . . you name it and Big Gov will not only push it, but make it bigger.

Look at what Big Gov has done to airline travel.

Yet, in spite of that, the American entrepreneur continues to prosper and rise above the cesspool that percolates inside the Beltway.

I've been involved in some business ventures in the past couple of decades. Some worked out, some didn't. But the bottom line is that contrary to what the Idiot bleated out in Virginia, Big Gov is the biggest hindrance--not help--that today's small business entrepreneur faces today.

The private sector understands that. Government doesn't.

And it really is that simple.

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