Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This could have been a scene right out of my first book.

Oh but oh how this does warm my heart.

I watched this several times earlier today, as did my wife, and we both agreed that Mr. Williams will never need reach for his wallet at any cafe or diner or restaurant where either of us are around.

In fact, I like this so much, I'm going to use it in the third book, Blue Cities, Red Streets.

I'm including a link to the local follow-up news story. Typical that a libtard Dem is trying to now get internet cafés banned in Florida.

Internet cafe robbery foiled by armed citizen.


  1. I like the name of the new book. It speaks volumes. Now get your butt back into your writing. Dr's orders. LOL

  2. I concur with Ben....You and Matt both need to get into your writing closets!!! I'm lost without you both!

    1. Don't know about Matt, but I'm in my writing closet--about 30% on False Gods and boy, is it going to piss off the financial establishment.

      As it should.