Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gadsen and Goliad flags. They say it all.

Here is the latest flag to fly over the Kinman compound.

It pretty much sums up my growing discontent for what politicians, government and radical liberals stand for these days, which is not freedom but rather government mandates.

I've long held the position that as a conservative, I just want to be left alone.

As an example, I'm a gun-owner and strong defender of the Second Amendment. However, I've never tried to support or urge a law forcing anyone to purchase, own or be issued a firearm. If guns aren't your thing, no problem.

Just leave me and mine alone.

Liberals, on the other hand, form groups like the Brady Bunch and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and other such nonsense for the sole purpose of severely restricting MY rights. They have the same Second Amendment rights, but they choose
not to exercise them.

That's fine, too. But when you work to restrict or infringe upon my rights, you've just created an enemy. And I will fight you back.

I've never tried to force anyone as to which newspaper they should read or which newscast they should watch. Liberals, on the other hand, go around trying to get government to pull the plug on networks and newsmakers they don't like. Fox and Rush Limbaugh are two prime examples. Liberals hate them and constantly try to bully government to restrict them or outright take them off the air.

I don't like MSNBC. I wouldn't urinate on Bill Maher if he was on fire. I think Letterman is a hack washed up douchebag. But I've never written a letter or joined in a protest to have them taken off the air by government force. I simply choose not to watch or listen to the losers.

I don't like what Ben & Jerry's ice cream stands for via their company's politics. But I've never gone to my city council and demanded that they not be allowed on the freezer shelves of my local grocery stores.

On the other hand, we've just seen what the liberals tried to do with Chick-Fil-A and how they are demanding their politicians to "ban" entrance of Chick-Fil-A into ratholes like San Francisco, Chicago and Boston.

I've recently ordered a couple of more flags to fly over the compound. One is the Goliad flag that we flew in Texas at the beginning of our Revolution for independence.

The Culpepper Liberty or Death flag will also fly.

And finally, in addition to the Texas flag, the Confederate flag and the United States flag, this flag will be in the rotation to fly over our home.

I've been told that it's a bad idea to fly these flag or to state my beliefs "too loudly" for fear of drawing unwanted attention. I've been told that the local liberals might "target me."

This once again reinforces my point. I'm not forcing anything on anyone but rather simply exercising MY First Amendment rights to speak my mind. If the liberals have a problem, then by all means. . . come and "target me."

I have no use for so-called conservatives who believe in appeasing the liberals, who believe only in preaching to the choir so as not to "offend" the radical left.

We have gotten to this point in our nation precisely because too many so-called conservatives and RINOs have been content with the philosophy of "I have mine, you go get yours the best way you can."

What hypocrites.

It's beyond time for us to stand up for our rights and what we believe in. Our backs are against the proverbial wall, and if we truly love this country and cherish our Constitution, then we'll stand up and speak on its behalf and we'll defend it--no matter what the cost.

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