Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Government--you do YOUR job and we'll do ours.

Another shooting, this time down the road in College Station, Texas, home to Texas A&M University.

Three dead--a constable, an innocent citizen, and the alpha-hotel who started it all.

According to sources, it all started over an eviction notice. Generally, one gets evicted when they don't pay the rent. One usually doesn't pay the rent when one doesn't have the money and one generally doesn't have the money if they don't have a job or they've blown their paycheck on other things like booze or drugs.

In this case, however, the absolutely predictable mainstream media is pointing out some of the shooter's Facebook entries about having acquired some new guns in the past two years. The MSM seems to be aghast that the shooter would refer to them as "my new toy" as in "I got a new toy in the other day and I can't wait to go shoot it."

We've now had the alpha-hotel in Aurora (Colorado), the skinhead Klown in Milwaukee and now some loser in College Station use guns to kill people.

In two of the cases, there were no other armed citizens around. The theater in Aurora boasted a "no guns" sign. That really stopped the Joker, didn't it? The Sikhs are a peaceful bunch, but at least one of the elders there apparently rushed the skinhead Klown with a kitchen knife trying to defend his temple's guests.

That man has my absolute respect.

I've read a story about a Navy veteran who authorities in Colorado are now thinking that he may have tried to rush the Joker and of which may have caused the alpha-hotel to panic and not be able to clear the jam in his firearm. We'll need witnesses to corroborate that one. As a veteran myself, I hope it's true. I hope one of our former warriors paid heed to his oath--which does not expire, by the way, simply because you're no longer in uniform or toting a badge.

This alpha-hotel in College Station is a bit of a mystery. We're going to have to wait to see what the police uncover about him and the exact circumstances. In the meantime, my prayers go out to the fallen constable and the innocent bystander who caught a stray round and died.

But with these incidents come the predictable wringing of hands and moaning of liberals (pacifist cowards) that we need more gun control.

How well did that gun control work out in Colorado? How well did it work out at Virginia Tech? Columbine?

Gun control has yet to stop a single crime. Instead, it merely guarantees the outcome and gives an overwhelming advantage to the criminal.

But on the other hand, in an internet café in Florida, a seventy-one year-old armed citizen stopped an armed robbery from occurring.

In Salt Lake City, an armed citizen stopped a nutjob who was slashing people with a knife. The NRA publications run a full page of incidents taken from newspaper and news accounts all over the country where armed citizens STOP a crime in progress or from occurring because they are armed.

In not one of those instances were there ever cops or military around, which kind of negates the whole premise of "only the cops and military should have access to guns."

Oh, and to further neutralize that one, does anyone remember the Fort Hood shooting? Only the largest infantry post in the U.S. but no one had a weapon except for the shooter.

On the other hand, I still remember the events of September 11th, 2001 very well. The more we dug, the more we found that we had warning after warning after warning that something like this was going to happen. We had fake visas, expired visas, etc etc that had the government been doing their job, just might have prevented the wholesale slaughter of over 3000 innocent men, women and children.

Same with the Fort Hood shooting. The Army and FBI had more than ample warning that this nutjob had been communicating with radical Islamic clerics and immans, yet did nothing.

Then there is Fast and Furious. . .

So, to the government--which includes all our elected leaders--how about you just remove any ideas you might have about restricting our Constitutional rights and instead start concentrating on doing YOUR jobs.

Don't tread on us any further.


  1. Concur... They just 'might' get more than they counted on... sigh...

  2. Sorry to hear of your ailments. Been there too many times myself.

    I also want to really shake your hand concerning your book. Because I have a backlog of books on hand I am just now enjoying the hell out of yours.
    As far as I am concerned it has earned it's place next to my Heinlein collection.

    Now as for this BS about gun free zones protecting the citizens from 'gun violence'...no way in hell.

    Just how many incidences do those leg wetting bone heads need to see the light of day?

    Okay I think I will stop here and go back to your book.

    I am really seeing red over this nonsense.

  3. Good article, thanks.
    Anxiously waiting for your next book. BTW, saw you over at DC forum, glad you joined. - RKflorida