Friday, August 17, 2012

The government's new approach to gun control--through the back door.

Like most American gun-owners, I've been reading about various agencies of our bloated federal government suddenly buying up hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Earlier this year, it leaked that the Department of Homeland Security (an ultimate oxymoron) had finalized arrangements to purchase over 450 million rounds of ammunition over the next five years.

That's not a typo. That was 450 million rounds of ammunition.

Worse yet, DHS is now classifying all terms of future ammunition acquisitions. What do they have to hide, or worse yet, what do they plan to hide from the American people?

But now we learn of other ridiculous ammo purchases by seemingly innocuous government agencies that you question as to why they even need firearms. Like the Social Security Administration that has made arrangements to purchase 174,000 rounds of ammunition.

We keep hearing how Social Security is going flat-busted broke, they have money to buy 174,000 rounds of hollow-point ammunition? At a government discount rate, that is still approximately $2.2 million dollars worth of ammunition.

Even dumber yet, the National Weather Service will be acquiring 46,000 rounds of hollow-point ammo this year.

Why? Why in the world does the NWS even need guns? I wasn't even aware they had special agents (1811 agents capable and allowed to conduct investigations and make arrests).

What are they going to do--start arresting local TV news anchors who get a forecast wrong? Or maybe these special Weather Service agents will pop a few caps into approaching wall-clouds to halt the approach of an impending tornado?

What the hell does the National Weather Service need with 23 thousand boxes of hollow-point ammunition?

Given the most corrupt, controlling administration in the history of our nation, my theory is two-fold:

1. The Obama administration is quietly directing every gov't agency to buy up as much ammunition as they can, then store it. Inter-agency transfers can then be done out of the purview of the general public and often times even out of the purview of the GAO (General Accounting Office). I saw this firsthand over twenty years ago when I was with the Justice Department.

It's a way of even further bolstering the arms and capabilities of our domestic federal LE agencies without the general public getting a whiff of it and thus becoming (even more) concerned about this administration's desire to turn us into a police state.

2. This is a perfect back-door operation for gun control. Guns without ammunition are ineffective clubs and paper weights. So if the gov't buys up the ammunition, resulting in mass outages and skyrocketing prices, the private citizen will be SOL.

After all, we saw this in 2009 and most of 2010 after Obama took office. The run on ammo was from fear of what he and his administration would do as well as a sudden increase in "need" by the Defense Department.

Be wary, very wary of this bunch of clowns in the White House and on the Hill.

Vote them out in November--and make them leave through their own back door.