Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tacticool. You can have it.

I find myself becoming more reclusive by the day, especially in the gun world. Maybe a better word would be "selective" in terms of choosing who I befriend or shoot with.

In a nutshell, I'm sick of black gun attitudes and the endless string of know-nothing wannabe numbnuts who are convinced that by owning an AR-whatever and wearing tacticool cargo pants, tacticool shooting glasses, having tacticool haircuts and tacticool beards, wearing tacticool polo shirts that have tacticool logos on them, using tacticool movements and speaking in tacticool phrases somehow makes them a bad-ass tacticool shooter.

When Eagle Gun Range announced their plans to build and open a range in our suburb, the wife and I were elated. We bought a family membership well before the completion of the construction and have not regretted it. The facility is other-worldly superb, safety is strictly enforced (more about that in a moment), the staff is friendly and courteous and it almost brings a tear to my eye when I see shooters literally lined up to the door, and often times, OUT the door waiting to shoot.

But on the other hand. . . I'm seeing too many of these black gun tacticool shooters that leave me shaking my head in a mixture of contempt and disgust. I see these yo-yo's bringing their pimped out ARs to indoor ranges, most of which have a max of 25 yards distance to shoot, and not even setting their targets up at 25 yards, but often setting them up as close as TEN YARDS.

Even at THAT range they can't score a group, but instead spray the rounds everywhere. But they smile and nod in their tacticool serious ways at each other, give the tacticool  thumbs up, slap another magazine in and continue on until they have a jam--which is frequent. Then all pretense of tacticool is gone and an RSO then has to help them figure out why their $2000 tacticool gun doesn't run so good on third-world POS ammo. Sometimes a few tacticool curse words are in order.

Most military and former military folks I know, especially those of my generation, have little use for tacticool black guns seeing as how we all had our fill of them while in uniform. To us, they were one of the tools of our trade, much how a sidearm is to a police officer. I've also yet to see a former military shooter ever set up their target at ten yards in order to shoot at it with ANY rifle.

But  you can't tell these tacticool shooters any thing--they already know it all because they watch YouTube and spend a lot of time on tacticool internet forums. But the proof always comes out in the shooting.

Recently the proof came out when someone was so clueless as to know that they were shooting tracer ammunition in their tacticool rifle. Don't know about you, but I ALWAYS know for certain what ammo I have in any given gun at any given time. Being a reloader and handloader, I have a lot of different spec'd ammo (even in the same caliber) and I still know right down to the tenth of a grain and make of primer what I'm shooting.

A longtime gun range here in the Dallas area burned to the ground because some tacticool numbnuts military wannabe was firing tracer ammunition. A day or so ago, my little slice of heaven-on-earth nearly caught fire because of another of these wannabes.

With rights come responsibilities. If you're a wannabe, that's your right. But it's also your responsibility to ensure that your behavior does not endanger those around you or the property/facility you're shooting at.

I realize that doesn't sound very tacticool, but too damned bad. That's the way it is.