Monday, January 5, 2015

No rest because I'm no longer weary.

"No rest for the weary" seems to be a popular mantra and in fact, I have used it myself on more than one occasion.

As I've written in earlier posts, 2013 was a challenging year for a variety of reasons, chief among them were battling health issues that had me hospitalized far more than I ever have been before and working feverishly (no pun intended, really) to finish my second novel, False Gods.

 I survived and I finished the book. It launched in late December and sales have been steady and brisk.

So what's next?

There are three projects in the works presently. One is a collection of short stories concerning me and the Doberman and German Shepherd we had during our years in Kansas City and Dallas. These writing originated shortly after the internet (better known back then as the worldwide web, or just "the web") was in its infancy. Dog World magazine had a forum for its readers and on it, you were able to post remarks and carry on discussions. The old format was way different from the typical discussion forums you see today and it made for some interesting interactions between participants at times.

I had jokingly written a short post in which I gave voice to our Doberman and then our German Shepherd. To my surprise, I had about eighty response posts to it, all liking it (except for the snooty SOB I was giving a bit of hell to via the voice of my two beloved German dogs).

So I wrote another one. It got about two-hundred favorable replies and responses.

In between writing "new and improved" and "save ten cents" while working in the ad agency, I word-doodled around with my two dogs, occasionally added my wife into the adventures, and basically spun some Texas-sized tall tales and yarns with the dogs. We had them turning their dog house into a time machine and then talking me into traveling back in time to Germany to have a beer with Louis Dobermann. When our Doberman got neutered, we took a trip to a store in Hollywood, California (where else?) that sold fake testicles.

 A reader from back during those times found most of what I'd written and tracked me down via my first novel, Above Reproach, to my Facebook page. I now have a goodly collection of the stuff from back then and am presently adding to it and embellishing it and making sure it is absolutely politically incorrect.

It will be a short paperback book full of nothing but fun for anyone who's ever owned a dog or been owned by a dog.

The other two books I'm working on are quite different. One is the pilot book for a series I'm developing. The other is a follow up, or sequel if you will, to both Above Reproach and False Gods. It is taking a ton of research and my publication target date is summer of 2016. No firm title for it yet.

The pilot for a series will be entitled The Pride. The essence of it and the series will be what happens when justice is not served by those elected to and hired for the purpose of representing the People when wrongdoings have been committed against them. I'm working for a publication and release date for late fall of this year (2015).

I have a few other non-writing projects in the fire as well, our first granddaughter, a new rating I'm working on for my flying, and a few other things that require some time.

Weary? Who has time to be weary?

Looking forward to an active and fulfilling year and I hope you are as well.