Monday, March 2, 2015

Here's an author I'm really enjoying.

Meet Mark Dawson.

I found Mr. Dawson by way of a promotion that landed Sword of God onto my Kindle. As I got into the book, it was reading more and more like a certain novel from David Morrell, another author I thoroughly enjoy and whose (paper and ink) books are a permanent part of my library.

Mr. Dawson's character, John Milton, is interesting on a number of levels, not the least of which is that he is an ex-Special Air Services veteran. The British SAS are as good as they get and in Sword of God, how SAS troops think, act, react, plan and prepare are dealt with quite nicely. Mr. Dawson takes some literary license here and there with Milton's exploits and abilities, but fiction is meant to be enjoyed and the very word "fiction" itself grants us writers a tremendous amount of leeway in how much we might want to bend and stretch facts, or in some writers' cases, just flat make them up.

Fiction is meant to be enjoyed, to be true theater of the mind and for us to use our own wondrous imagination to picture the scenery and the characters and to place our own visions of how they look, how they sound, how they talk, how they move.

I judge fiction by how much it keeps me from doing the things I really need to do because I've got my nose buried in my book or Kindle instead of in my Macbook writing my own next book or column or blog post. Or, I judge it by how many times I have to tell my wife "Just another couple of minutes" as I read another couple of pages while she is tap-dancing at the door to the garage because she's ready to go eat.

I've been late for a few meals with my wife since discovering Mark Dawson's John Milton series. I'm looking forward to his Beatrix Rose series, but I need to get some of my own projects off the back burner first.

Check out Mr. Dawson's books. He's a prolific writer who is easy and thoroughly enjoyable to read.