Sunday, September 6, 2015

When neglect meets pontification.

That seems to be the formula for my very essence as of the past few years.

Scatterbrained is more like what my wife calls it.

The last time I updated the site, I was working with the oldest girl on wheelgun shooting. The work is over. She gets it. Good. I know, I know--we can always get better. Trust me, she is.

This summer she received her Texas Concealed Handgun License in the mail and with it, an eye-opener to the responsibilities that come with carrying a firearm every day.

Now on to the youngest. In between playing with our one-year-old granddaughter, who is the apple of her grandpa's eye, we've been spending time at the range getting her mom ready for her CHL. My goal is to have her completed and license in hand by end of the year.

Her schedule, however, is a bit more hectic and we have trouble coordinating with my schedule quite often, but we will get there.

Getting their CHLs was the birthday present we gave both our adopted girls this year. I simply could not think of a better investment or more appropriate gift.

As far as writing goes. . .

I've begun work on the third novel that features Dillon Cole, Cam Carter and Jake Devreau. It is tentatively titled Oaths & Lies and I'm pushing for a mid/late summer (2016) release. It will have an involved plot much like False Gods while containing even more action than Above Reproach.

I think I'll leave it right there and not say any more.

Two other projects in the works, one of which I'm trying to finish for release by Christmas. It is the collection of short stories from back in the late 90's and early 2000's written around the antics and adventures of our Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd. I'm working to have Tales From The Dogs' Side ready for publication by mid-November and will keep readers posted via my Facebook page (JD Kinman) and my Twitter account (@JDKinman)

The flying machine is down as I type this--waiting on installation of the new Garmin 530 gps and navcom stack. Hoping it will be done by end of month in time to fly to Lubbock for the annual South Plains Fair.

Updates to come in between bouts of neglect and putting things off.