Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sweet 16? We'll see.

2016. Will it be a "sweet 16" for us?

Let's see what 2015 did. . .

• My flying time was cut significantly. Granted, several months were spent with the main bird in the radio shop having the new Garmin 530W installed. And, I'm not much of one for flying in circles during the heat of a Texas summer simply to be airborne. Still. . . This year I plan to triple my time away from terra firma.

The new and updated Garmin 530W stack.

Lot of changes to this panel in the last five years. We'll keep this bird in the family for many years.
However, we did get the youngest g-son in the main plane for his first ever general aviation experience. He had an awesome time. He's also going to make a pretty good co-pilot, I suspect.

Landyn studying the sectional to get us back home.

Comfortable in the backseat and ready for his first ever flight.

Taking the yoke on the way back home.

Climbing through 5500' msl and putting the clouds and haze below us.

Family time was good. Watched the youngest g-son play in his first competitive, organized soccer game and the future stud scored five goals. In fall little league baseball, his first endeavor in that sport, he finished the season with an inside the park home run.

Landyn's first ever goal in his first ever soccer game. Catch the excitement!

Mom, Dad & sons. Everyone's proud.

Oldest girl (finally) got back in the photography groove. She has talent of the likes I rarely saw even during all my years in Madison Avenue working with $100K/day commercial photographers. She has no interest in that, but she does enjoy "capturing the moment" for families and couples. None better at it in all of north Texas. That's not just a proud dad talking. That's a retired senior director of a worldwide advertising agency talking.

Youngest girl changed jobs and moved vertically by a substantial measure. I am proud of her beyond description. She's a single mom to the prettiest granddaughter a man could ever be blessed with. Both mom and daughter have me wrapped around their little fingers. Granddaughter probably got it from her mom. In fact, I know she did.

Prettiest granddaughter in all of north Texas.

Granddaughter looking at me. Daughter looking at granddaughter.

A lot of the character of Brittany Cole in my first two novels is based upon
this young lady--especially the incredible love Dillon and Vicki have for her.

• Oldest daughter got her CHL. Her shooting skill continues to increase as does her confidence in handling a variety of the firearms in our safe. At our local range, she out-shoots most everyone and when the young men look in amazement at her target and her technique, I beam with pride. Youngest is working on hers this year. Another natural.

Bre getting ready to drill another target.

So stinking incredibly proud of this young woman.

I don't care who you are, THAT is some fine shooting.

Here's Bethany ready to drill her target.

Calm, confident, relaxed.

No caption needed--the smiles tell the story.

• The outline for my upcoming novel, Oaths & Lies, is complete and writing has began in earnest. Along with O&L is another project. I'm not releasing much information about it just yet. I'm shooting for a fall publication date for O&L but we'll have to wait and see. There are several factors beyond my control that will affect the final manuscript and release of this particular book. (*wink*)

• My lovely wife and I are planning a couple of extended flying trips this year. Not sure where. I've been wanting to do a fall-foliage flying tour of the northeast, so that is a strong likelihood for this year. Prior to that, we'll probably do another flying of the Texas beaches excursion, beginning with Galveston and ending with Mustang Island (Port Aransas) or South Padre.

We'll see what 2016 brings. Hopefully it will be sweet.