Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's here! Tales from the Dogs' Side now in print and e-book.

This was an "on again/off again" project of mine for quite a few years, but now it's done and on the e-retail shelves. Unlike Above Reproach and False Gods, Tales from the Dogs' Side is an Amazon exclusive. The e-book version (Kindle) is $1.99 and the print edition is $7.99. As always, I have print editions available for personalized signing.

In the forward of Tales, I explain the story behind the collection of tales found within the book. In short, I was a homesick advertising copywriter living in Kansas City with my wife, our two dogs and a cat. I dearly loved Kansas City and still do--but the winters are stone-cold killers for a warm-weather seventh generation Texan like myself.

Thus, thanks to the new world wide web, now known as the internet, I was able to find various discussion forums on a variety of topics near to my heart--dogs being at the top of that list. Through those forums, relationships were formed and stories were shared. As a Texan and a creative writer for Madison Avenue, I felt compelled to carry on that Texas tradition of telling "tall tales" in regards to our dogs and our relationship and adventures with them.

As the tales grew in popularity, I accepted a job offer in Dallas and my dogs were overjoyed, and more tall tales were born. 

Along the way, my dogs and wife and I learned a few lessons, endured several tragedies and continued to find our way in the world. What we found was that if we could laugh more than we chose to cry, we'd be all the better for it. And so Tales from the Dogs' Side is a collection of life's vignettes, both good and bad, happy and sad, but always looking forward.

This is the third book of mine published this decade, and work on Oaths & Lies continues with good progress. In 2018, I will begin a series called The Pride. These will be shorter novels of the 80,000 to 100,0000 word count range and my goal is to publish two of them per year.

In the meanwhile, all else goes well on the Kinman home front. I've got plenty of wood for the smoker, lots of reloads to send downrange at the various shooting ranges with my wife and girls, and wide-open skies to continue exploring via small airplane.

Stay tuned for updates as they come.