Thursday, October 11, 2018

Updates: House for sale, hangar house project is on.

Look up the word neglect in most any dictionary in most any language and it wouldn't surprise me if you were given a link to this page. So, for a quick update on things. . .

Book projects:

Writing continues on Oaths & Liars as well as the first installment in an idea that will be a series called The Pride. I teased a little of both in the past twelve months on Facebook. O&L is on its--get this--it's THIRD RE-WRITE as I love the plot and the characters (most of the base characters from AR  and FG are back), but I can't get the initial flow and rhythm to my liking. Frustrating.

It's a kick ass plot and will combine the action style of Above Reproach with several sub plots--plus a few new characters.

The incessant delays and procrastination in getting further is due to the fact that we're selling our house and preparing to begin building our retirement home in our airplane hangar. Three things have to happen, though:

1. We have to sell our house.
2. We'll have to find a rental house near our airport.
3. We'll then begin the interior building process. Exterior is done, new main water line installed and a few other exterior items on the hangar are finished.

The living quarters will be built on a second level. I'm having a welder and steel crew install channel beams ten feet above the ground floor so as to give clearance for the vertical stabilizer (tail) of the airplanes. The steel guys are also putting in a 160 square foot covered deck on the second level facing the west. We do a lot of grilling and smoking for our meals and the deck will make it easier to step outside the kitchen, grill and come back inside rather than walking up and down the stairs to the ground level.

At present, the Cessna and the Taylorcraft are occupying the space along with my pickup, occasionally. Once the welding and the building in earnest begins, everything will have to find a temporary home.

A few pics for you--

Front of the hangar. Lots of room to work with.

Back side (west) of the hangar. No neighbors to the west.

Had a couple of people renting space and keeping their airplanes in here until we got everything ready and prepared for selling our house and starting this thing. Probably the last time it will ever look this empty.

We're in a private airport and we have our own well. But the original main water line wasn't in the best of shape, so a new line, new protective concrete meter box and some new concrete went in.

Our living quarters will be built on a second level above the airplanes. Our design is for a bit over 1700 square feet that will include two bedrooms, a large office for writing, two full bathrooms, living room, kitchen, one large master closet, and one large combination laundry room and pantry where we'll have an additional fridge and a stand-up freezer. Downstairs, as the picture shows, will still have room for a couple of airplanes plus our two cars. I'll build my new reloading room on the back wall and extend it into the (already built) full bathroom/shower on the right rear corner.

This is one of my neighbors a couple of taxiways over, north of the on-field café. This is the same style and type of deck we're building on the back side of our hangar. I'll probably end up parking my pickup under it in decent weather. For bad weather, it'll go in the hangar.

So that is pretty much the update for us at the moment. Have not flown much this year or shot (or got very much writing done). Everything has been pushed to the back burner to get our house sold and the new one started. Major undertaking.

Will keep  you posted.