Saturday, February 23, 2019


After almost twenty-two years in the same house and same locale, we're moving again--this time, in all likelihood, for good.

Buying and selling real estate has changed dramatically since our last experience over two decades ago. I'll skip the profanity I'd really like to use to describe the modern process and simply state that the next time property owned by us gets sold, it will be because we're dead and our ashes have been scattered. Our adopted girls will get to undertake the joys of dealing with realtors and tire-kicking buyers and house-flippers.

Me on the eve of selling our house. I think the look is of disbelief that it was finally going to happen.

But in our case, no flipping will be done because we're building our retirement house inside our airplane hangar.

The second biggest headache in this selling process has been trying to secure temporary quarters for the year or so it will take to build the living quarters. The last time my wife and I rented housing, the application was three-quarters of a page and the contract was a single page. On one rental house we were interested in, the contract was twenty-three pages long and included how much we had to water the yard, how much we had to pay for a/c and heater filters and how often we had to change them, how much renter's insurance we had to carry and activating the home security system was a mandatory.

Once again, I'll spare you the profanity I used in telling that particular property company what they could do and where they could go. One was anatomically difficult, if not impossible and the other other requires you dying before you can pack your bags and journey there.

But all is well. We secured--in the words of my lovely wife--a "cute" rental house that is almost walking distance from our little airport. The location could not possibly be better and the price was right.

Our new temporary quarters while we build the hangar home.

We'll be packing our quarter-century and four years worth of accumulations, treasure and memories these next few weeks and moving on.

Progress reports on the new place to come.