Thursday, August 1, 2019

Let the building begin

Sold our house in February, moved in March, began preparations and structure design for our hangar house in April. After much, much research into structural design, weight-bearing capacities of various strengths of steel, load-bearing capacities of the foundation and hangar framing, etc, we had our framework structure design ready.

Our welder is an artist, honest as the day is long, and in extremely high demand, so we had to wait. And wait. And wait a little more.

On a sidenote, he is in high demand because there are too few skilled blue collar workers in the trades today. We have an abundance of useless college graduates with degrees in high-demand fields such as gender studies, Renaissance languages, Twelfth Century African Art, Museum management and the ever popular General Studies--the vast majority of which graduates had to move back in with their parents because well-paying jobs for entry level museum manager trainees are few and far between.

We need more trade job training schools. But public education looks down on those who have dirty hands, wear a uniform and sweat for a living.

So we waited for our welder to finish the jobs he had scheduled before us.

And finally, the day arrived this week. Our steel was delivered and the cutting and welding began.

I'm posting some pictures of the progress.

As I write this, I figure to be looking at the better part of nine months to make the new place inhabitable, with another six months afterward to have everything finished out.

As it stands now with the final plans, our living quarters will be around 1700 square feet with a large pantry and laundry room combination, two bedrooms, a large office where I'll trade my hammers and saws for laptops and desktop Macs and resume writing books, two full bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, living room and a 10-foot by 20-foot covered deck/balcony accessible through the dining room.

Downstairs will have 2250 square feet to park our vehicles and airplane, plus a full bathroom/shower & laundry room, my reloading room and a work bench area.

So let the pictures begin.

The steel arrives! Unloading the big six-inch steel support columns for the I-beams.

Two of the three lateral support I-beams.

Steel for the decking and for framing windows.

More steel on the hangar floor.

 Plattes welded to the four-inch support columns.

Six-inch column mounted and welded in place.

I-beam being cut and prepped for the balcony/deck.

 All I-beams are now in place.

 Finishing the welding on the I-beams.