Friday, August 23, 2019

More progress, even in the Texas summer heat.

We finally began having triple-digit days here in north Texas. We've been lucky--in summers past, the triple digits were coming in June, sometimes as early as the end of May, and always in July. This year, it took until August.

But that's not to say I enjoy them. Far from it. Especially when working in a large metal building.

Nonetheless, progress is being made and here is a brief checklist of what we've accomplished on the new hangar house project:

• All i-beams are cut and welded into place

• Stairwell framing is complete.

• Water heater on top of downstairs bathroom and laundry room has been relocated downstairs and new Pex plumbing has been installed. When new, larger water heater arrives, the smaller 40-gallon water heater will go to the south end of the hangar to feed the kitchen and upstairs laundry room.

• The back balcony/deck is framed and ready to have the roof/awning installed. Once the inside back wall is framed, we'll cut out the metal for the sliding glass door and the office window and the second bedroom window so our steel man can frame everything in.

• I-beams are painted and sealed with anti-rust stain, as is the stairwell framing structure.

• Floor trusses have been built and delivered and are ready for install.

Next phase coming up is ordering and installing the Advantech subflooring, then designing and welding the freight lift elevator.

More updates to come as they happen.

 Floor trusses arrive!

 14' trusses in the foreground, 22' trusses in the background.

22' trusses and some custom-length trusses for the stairwell.

New Pex plumbing utilized to temporarily relocate the small 40-gallon water heater.

When the new 50-gallon water heater goes in, it will be dedicated to providing water only to the bathrooms and showers. The smaller heater (pictured) will be used to provide hot water to the kitchen and upstairs laundry room.

Stairwell is framed and painted. Ready to design, cut and install the wooden stairs.

Early morning view of the outside balcony/deck. The deck faces the west/southwest and will have an entrance into the kitchen via a large sliding glass door.

The deck is coming along nicely. Ready to put the awning/roof and rain gutters on it. When complete, it will have two outdoor ceiling fans, LED lighting and propane plumbing to feed our gas grill.