Sunday, September 8, 2019

Let there be wood.

Progress on the hangar house rolls on. Cover is on the back balcony deck, floor trusses are in place, handrails are on the staircase and painted, stairs are being cut and installed. Will be time to order the subflooring, freight-lift motor and finish final designs on the freight-lift frame and cage.

Looking forward to cooler weather, though. Working in a metal building in 100 degree Texas heat can be a challenge.

 Floor trusses being hung and spaced--16" OC (off center).

Back half almost all hung.

Handrails cut and welded to stairwell. Need to be painted.

Cover is on deck. Needs to be sealed. Once the back wall is
framed, we can cut the opening for the sliding glass door and
office window that will be under the canopy. 

Will be using the composite weather-proof deck planking for flooring. 

All trusses now hung, spaced and secured in place.

Stairwell handrails painted, steps being cut and and installed. 

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