Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hangar house progress--coming along nicely.

With cooler weather--relatively speaking since this is Texas--I have been able to work for longer stretches on our hangar house.

The stairwell is finished and in use now every day as I continue working. The freight lift is moving past the design stage into the build stage, but no pics yet. With the stairs, I designed a relatively low-rise/moderate run with a landing and then a short amount (five) of steps to entrance doorway.

Stairwell. 15 steps at 6 1/2" of rise, 10" of run makes them comfortable to climb. 4' of width gives us plenty of room.

Stairwell landing.

From the top of the stairs, there was a clear view of the trusses and how much area the sub-flooring  would be covering.

Looking east from the back wall. Lot of sub-flooring to put down.

I ordered Advantech 1 1/8" flooring and to date, this has been the most challenging, tiring, labor-intensive back-breaking part of the job. Each sheet weighs 125 pounds and with no solid floor--only 3 1/2" trusses--to walk on, you have to simply muscle the 32-square foot sheets around and into position. Once I got about twelve linear feet installed, I was able to then slide the boards somewhat easier into position. But it was a solid ten-day project to lay down the 1700-plus square feet of sub-flooring.

 The Advantech arrives. Four pallets of pure pain.

32 square feet and 125 pounds at a time. Lots of glue and nails.

 Sub-flooring is complete and first load of framing lumber has arrived.

Looking southeast. Ready to begin framing.

Once done with the sub-flooring, I moved on to the framing portion, which is where I'm at now. Along the way, the outside balcony/deck is completely floored with the composition weather-proof planks. A few details left for the deck which include sealing the canopy and putting a good coat of steel rust-proofing stain on the frame.

Flooring the outside balcony/deck.

 View from the deck looking northwest.

 Almost finished with the deck flooring. Looking to the southwest.

The back half of the house is framed, which includes the master bedroom, master bathroom, master closet, hallway, second bathroom, second bedroom and part of the office. We've ordered custom windows and a sliding glass patio door--when those come in, we'll frame them into the exterior metal wall, then complete the interior framing.

From the office, looking northeast into a maze of framing.

Looking into the hallway with the office on the left.

 Back half of the house is almost done.

Ordered more stuff today to be delivered by the end of the week: 50-gallon water heater, three vanities and counter tops for the bathrooms, two one-piece toilets with dual flushing capabilities, mirrors, a bathtub and three-piece wall enclosure for the second bathroom and enough OSB sheets to finish out the only "exposed" wall in the upstairs hangar area.

Once the framing is done, the ceiling rafters will be next.

More updates to come as they happen.

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