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Misunderstanding and precautions of choosing fire resistant glass

2019-08-29 00:00

The main function of fire-resistant glass used in building fire-resistant components is to control the spread of fire or smoke isolation. It is a kind of special glass which can maintain its integrity and thermal insulation in the specified fire resistance test. The following is the consumer's purchase of fire-proof glass misunderstanding and precautions, for your reference!

1、 Misunderstanding of purchasing fireproof glass

As a new kind of building fireproof products, fireproof glass is adopted by more and more buildings. The following three aspects should be paid attention to in the design:

1. The choice of fireproof glass for curtain wall and partition is not simply to replace ordinary glass with fireproof glass, but to comprehensively consider the overall fire performance.

2. The performance of curtain wall and partition can not be inferred subjectively by the fire resistance limit of glass. If necessary, it needs to be determined by testing. The fire resistance rating of curtain wall and partition is determined by the lower fire resistance rating of all accessories.

3. The size of the glass plate is different, so we must pay attention to the relationship between the glass specifications and the fire resistance rating.

2、 Precautions for purchasing fireproof glass:

1. Burn through is not the only option. If it is a batch production of glass, randomly selected glass test window samples, can pass the test many times, such glass is reliable. If the glass is specially customized for the test, even if it passes the whole window test, the risk is still very high.

2. The glass in the test report should be consistent with the actual project use, such as: Specification (mainly thickness), material, manufacturer, origin, etc.

3. Pay attention to the protection of finished products, and the glass surface shall not be scratched.

4. Fire proof glass shall be installed indoor as far as possible.

5. The use of stainless steel warm edge of the spacer will increase the stability of the glass.

6. Do not contact with hard metal when installing glass, and keep proper expansion space.

7. Choose ultra white glass as fire proof glass substrate, the pass rate will be higher.

8. Coating energy-saving glass can also be used for fireproof treatment.