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Application of fireproof glass

2019-08-29 00:00

Since the batch production of single piece fireproof glass in China, fireproof glass has been widely used. However, several points should be paid attention to:

1. Before selecting fire-proof glass, it is necessary to make clear the specific fire-fighting requirements of fire-proof components composed of fire-proof glass, including fire-proof, heat-insulating or smoke-proof, fire-resistant limit, etc.

2. Monolithic and composite fire-proof glass can not be cut by glass knife like ordinary flat glass, but it must be processed in fixed length, but composite (dry) fire-proof glass can meet the requirements of cutting.

3. In addition to considering the fire resistance and durability of the glass, its supporting structure and elements must also meet the needs of fire resistance.

Through special chemical treatment and ion exchange at high temperature for more than 20 hours, sodium metal on the glass surface is replaced to form low expansion silicate glass with expansion coefficient of 1.8 * 10-6 / 0f (3.24 * 10-6 / k), so it has high thermal resistance. At the same time, after physical treatment, the surface of glass forms high compressive stress, which greatly improves the impact strength.

According to the requirements of China's building code, the provincial fire brigade of the place where the enterprise is located shall send the sample to the national designated fire protection material testing center (i.e. any one of Sichuan and Tianjin national fire protection building material quality supervision and inspection center) for testing, and the inspection report issued by these institutions must be obtained before sales!

The advantage of single-chip cesium potassium fire-proof glass is that it is not so closely related to its working temperature, but it has the ability to withstand the impact of heat waves and rapid temperature changes. This depends on the specific heat capacity of the glass (which can affect the rate of temperature rise), the thermal conductivity (the rate and distribution of heat passing through the glass) and the thermal expansion rate. At the same time, the monolithic cesium potassium fireproof glass can also withstand 300 ℃ Quenching treatment to cold water!

Compared with the traditional grouting fireproof glass, the single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass is characterized by high weather resistance in addition to its high strength and easy installation! Chemical grouting fire-proof glass in addition to easy to appear bubbles in the production process, in the ultraviolet radiation and the role of flame quickly become milky white, lost the basic function of glass permeability, thus unable to observe the situation of fire!