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Guangdong Mingan won the "Recommended Supplier of 2019" by China Real Estate Recruitment Alliance

On November 30, 2019, the annual meeting of China real estate bidding and purchasing alliance was held in Phoenix City Hotel of country garden with the theme of "gathering real estate elites and gathe

Don't you want to be trapped in the decoration of new houses? This little money can't be saved, or y

We should understand every link in the house decoration, so that we can not be cheated and suffer great losses in the process of decoration. Doors and windows, as the front of a home, are not only goo

Good news: congratulations to Guangdong Ming'an fire door & Window Co., Ltd. for successfully passin

Guangdong Ming'an was founded in early 1999, focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of fire-resistant glass and related door and window products. The company has been committed to the field of buildi

In depth understanding of fire resistant glass and how to choose

According to the standard GB 15763.1, the fireproof glass is divided into three categories according to the product types

Application of fireproof glass

Since the batch production of single piece fireproof glass in China, fireproof glass has been widely used. However, several points should be paid attention to:

Misunderstanding and precautions of choosing fire resistant glass

The main function of fire-resistant glass used in building fire-resistant components is to control the spread of fire or smoke isolation. It is a kind of special glass which can maintain its integrity

Analysis of nano silicon composite fireproof glass

Nano silicon composite fire-proof glass is a new type of fire-proof glass, which is made of inorganic expandable nano silicon fire-proof adhesive and multi-layer glass.