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With the joint efforts of excellent enterprise team, after years of development, Ming'an products have been widely recognized by the market. Our goal is to become the leader of China's fire-resistant glass industry and make every effort to build the nation's first brand of fire-resistant glass. Ming'an series products have the following obvious advantages:
1、Broad market prospects
The products are researched and developed according to the market demand, and the market growth space is huge
2、Distinctive product features
Domestic first, advanced performance, compared with peer products have obvious selling points
3、Low product cost
Compared with other products in the same industry, mechanized and mass production, so it has a certain advantage of manufacturing cost
4、Technological innovation
The technical innovation points have strong pertinence, which can solve many problems of the original similar products
5、Advanced marketing system
Overall marketing, all-round use of various advanced, modern marketing means
6、Strategic operation
The company has a forward-looking overall vision, and has abundant stamina for sustainable development
With the comprehensive advantages of technology, capital, talents, operation and management, Ming'an provides all-round support for our dealers. With long-term cooperation, brand sharing and system stability, we strive to ensure that every franchisee can share the successful experience accumulated by the whole Ming'an team, ride the storm and forge ahead hand in hand in the ocean of innovative technology and modern market.
Companies or individuals interested in joining Ming'an can visit our website For more information, you can also call or fax the sales intention and your basic information to 0750-8878787 Mr. Liu.
If you or your company have very good products, production technology, sales capacity or other resources, and want to be bigger and stronger, please contact us. If the project is feasible after demonstration, we can make your resources play their due role, share the fruits and develop together by means of joint investment, technology equity, cooperative distribution, etc.
Companies or individuals interested in cooperation can call our company or fax the content of cooperation intention to 0750-8878787 by email: Mr. Liu.
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